Correlation between Health and Beauty

Sep 08

Health and Beauty

images (1)Yes, when you feel great, you exude more confidence, and thus look great. In the event that you have ever ceased to consider the amount of cash you spend on magnificence items, you may have been shocked. Hundreds of thousands of people fork out a large amount of money to purchase luxurious beauty items every year. Between the cosmetics, hair care items, and skin items, the speculation can be significant. Why do individuals burn through cash on these things? The answer is that they need to feel like they are looking good. Feeling good is a great way to boost ones confidence, and thus with more confidence a person is perceived as more attractive and amicable.

A study conducted by Jason Weeden and John Sabini explored the correlation between physical attractiveness and health in Western societies. In the female population, their study concluded that physical attractivess has a relationship with the overall well-being, while with males, there was no indication that was the case.

Understanding Correlation between Health and Beauty

health-and-beauty-products-250x250Utilizing excellence items can make you feel adequate to other individuals, and you won’t have the capacity to envision existence without them. You may never have considered another magnificence component, however, if you know the connection between Health and Beauty.

Regardless of the amount of cash you spend on magnificence items, you will just look wonderful in the event that you are solid within. That is on account of your physical appearance is an immediate impression of the condition of your wellbeing. images (4)Have you ever woken up feeling debilitated in the morning?

Odds are, you didn’t get the best rest. Regardless of the greater part of your excellence items, somebody took a gander at you and saw that you were not feeling well. They may have seen that your skin was uncommonly pale or flushed, that you were sweating, or that you appeared to drag. On the off chance that you’ve had that experience, you can see how your wellbeing can be seen all things considered.

Consider how it influences your skin. In the event that you are feeling sound and solid, you will have a sound skin tone and tinge. Your skin will have more regular versatility and won’t look as wrinkly or puffy as it may on a wiped out day. Your skin cells will likewise renew rapidly, which makes your skin smooth and delicate.


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A Healthy Smile Can Help Raise Your Confidence and Income

Sep 01

A Healthy Smile Can Help Raise Your Confidence and Income


“Sign here, and there too.” And like that I’d closed my biggest real estate deal so far. I had not always had the confidence I had when closing that deal. I’d had a horrible dental experience as a child, and as a result I neglected my dental visits. 13 years of skipping dental visits truly took a toll on my dental health, which translated to my decreased self-esteem and confidence. Believe me, to be a successful real estate agent you need both confidence and self-esteem. To be nay sort of sales person, you need both.

The Advice

When I started my real estate career I didn’t have a mentor. This was soon changed when I met the memorable K Ann Brizolis, an elite agent specialized in The Bridges real estate, a very luxurious area in Southern California. She taught me so much, from how to host the best open houses, to talking to potential clients, to closing deals. But the most important lesson she taught me early on was to have confidence.

The Change

I knew right then and there I needed to pay the dentist a visit. Three root canals, 6 veneers, 7 fillings, and a few implants later, I was a whole new person. My confidence soared, I began to smile again, and I noticed I wasn’t covering my mouth when I laughed anymore. My family and friends noticed my change in spirits, increased confidence, and overall well being.

The Results

I began reaching out to warm clients and actually scored new clients. Talking business came naturally to me and I would wake up in amazing spirits. Overall, fixing my dental issues and getting the proper treatment has been the biggest game changer. I understand some people might have dental phobia, but it is worth every smile getting over that fear. I did it, so can you.

Just remember, a smile is the first thing a potential client sees. Your mannerism, confidence, and stance also say a lot about you as an agent. In order to be a prosperous agent, and thrive in your field, you truly need a high confidence level. With a hollywood smile, you are sure to win over those potential clients. Of course, knowing the ins and outs of your field will help you seal the deal.

What personal or professional obstacles have you had to over come in order to be where you are today? How did you overcome certain fears? Let us know!

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Connection Between Health and Beauty

Aug 26

The Connection Between Health & Beauty

5-benefits-of-natural-health-productsThere is a clear connection between Health and Beauty although not everyone may realize that. Most people do not believe it, yet you can become more beautiful if you take care of your health properly. Looking great is feeling great. It might sound adage, yet actually, there’s a significant connection amongst well-being and excellence and customers who are proactive about their well-being likewise take a more prominent enthusiasm for their own appearance. Still not persuaded? At that point consider a late research which found that sixty-one of members showed that feeling and looking attractive is a vital piece of how they measure their general wellbeing, a number that develops to seventy-three percent among the individuals who are most proactive about health.

Understanding the Connection between Health and Beauty

Among those most proactive, a mind-boggling ninety-four percent said that physical appearance is imperative to them. Those are some entirely noteworthy numbers. At the point when asked for information about the top attributes that are essential when purchasing individual consideration items, respondents said quality, trailed by medical advantages.10-Amazing-Benefits-Of-Drinking-Vegetable-Juices-For-connection-Health-Beauty This solid association amongst wellbeing and magnificence is undoubtedly playing out at retail, through both activities found in the stores and customers’ shopping propensities.

With a time of purchase driven medicinal services upon us, another worth cognizant customer strolling the paths and excellence experts who are progressively covering a lifted delight experience, there’s no denying the noteworthy relationship amongst wellbeing and magnificence. You can see plenty of organic cosmetics and whatnot that would advertise themselves as being the product that could bring you to the pinnacle of health and beauty. Even if you are naturally beautiful, if you do not pay attention to your health, then everything would be for naught. Just make sure to keep everything in balance. You would also have to make sure that your mental health is great at the same time.

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